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Rain Rain and Wind Go Away, Please!!!!

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How does the song go, rain rain go away, come back some other day.  We need to add wind wind go away until October, at night to blow the leaves away.  If you can tell with the first few lines of this blog we have been hit hard with rain and wind at.  So much in fact I'm waiting for my logger buddy to come haul some of the big pines that were uprooted in the wind.  Mother Nature had enough of these 80-100 majestic trees that we named the camp after.  We still have plenty left but the power to uproot these beast is truly amazing.

What does this mean for the birds since we are up 18% according to the DNR?  Very good I think.  The last few years have been pretty dry in the fall and with low numbers made the birds tough to locate.  For both the woodcock and grouse, plenty of water means healthy birds, lots of bugs, worms, berries, acorns and other food sources.  Especially this time a year when broods are growing leaps and bounds with such abundant food options.  Plus, we had a very good spring where the rains did not appear to wash outsets or young chicks.  



The sign of grouse habitat.

The Report Is In From The Minnesota DNR......The results......

I'm not a real smart guy. I don't play the frozen orange juice futures or invest in the Greek economy. I do however wait for the Minnesota DNR statewide ruffed grouse report to come out every year. I try every year to get it early from some people in the know but they all have been [...]

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July 1, 2016 @ Pineridge Grouse Camp

For some reason July 1st at Pineridge is like a fresh start. January 1 and any first of the month can be as well. But July 1st is it for PGC. We have such a busy spring with puppies flushing woodcock and thinking they know what they are doing. Newly trained [...]

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The 2014 Pineridge Grouse Camp season in review

What a season 2014 was at Pineridge Grouse Camp. In reality the season started a few days after our first guests left in November 2013.  We completed the new kennel, added a few dogs, started working with Elhew Hampshire Kennels, Robert Hall joined the team to help us with the kennel, training and getting some [...]

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The List of List's at Pineridge Grouse Camp

It’s the first week of August and its still hot, very late at night and I can't fall asleep for some reason. My mind has being going through multiple checklists, as we get ready for the start of our 5th season and Pineridge Grouse Camp. Kitchen, new chef, 4-burner stove, health cert, organic chickens, menu planned [...]

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What can we expect for fall 2014

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has issued it's 2014 Ruffed Grouse forecast.  The good news, IT'S UP!!!!  They think we may have hit the very low end of the cycle and this will be the start of the upward trend for grouse in Minnesota.  That's great news for us die hard grouse hunters.  Trust [...]

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Wow, a new project for Pineridge Grouse Camp

Its official, we have launched the Pineridge online store!  Why did we spend the time to create a store? We at Pineridge Grouse Camp are grouse and woodcock hunters, thats it.  We love the dogs, guns, gear and upland gifts that go with chasing the King of the Woods. Because of our passion, certain things [...]

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